• Our Experience

    Collectively we have worked with well over a hundred companies, numerous organisations, councils and schools. We’ve trained or coached directors, managers, headteachers, teachers, consultants, doctors, nurses and staff in countless other roles. We’ve worked across the UK, Europe, Asia, South America, USA and other parts of the World. Have a look at just a few of the organisations.
  • Our work examples

    Almost all of our training workshops have a bespoke nature to them. Almost always there is no extra cost to you for this. It’s part of what we value in working with you. Here we’ve included some examples from some of the workshops that are frequently asked for, with examples of flipcharts that have also been created to support participants’ learning.
  • What others say

    A little bit about us from others. We hope that what others say about us will give you even more of an insight into what it might be like working with us. It’s really only a small sample and should you want more we can give you more. Would you like to be having similar experiences in your trainings or coaching?
  • What we say

    We hope it is helpful in giving you a sense of who we are. Naturally, if you would like to know more, then we would be happy to tell you more. You’ll soon sense our enthusiasm and dedication …and we promise not to go on and on!