The way we work

We are very serious about our work and you’ll quickly notice that we smile and laugh a lot.  This is because we really enjoy our work and the interactions with our participants.  Having fun is one of our core values - seriously.  We consider ourselves enter-trainers and cheerful coaches – it’s important to us and an important part of how we help people to make changes in their lives. Our work can be considered by examining what’s important to us at a number of different levels.

We can help you achieve Excellence

Achieve Excellence is a small team of highly dedicated people led by Chris McCloskey.  Our dedication is to help others to achieve excellence in their lives through achieving excellence in their working relationships.  We do this through training workshops and 1 to 1 coaching.

Practically, this leads us to run workshops for teams or coach individuals in the following key areas:

How to communicate excellently with others (Conducting Crucial Conversations, Professional Presentation Skills, Training Excellence, Teaching Excellence, Facilitation Skills)

How to get the best out of your staff (Inspiring Leadership, Managing with Personal Power, Motivational Mentoring & Coaching, Influencing with Integrity, Appraising Performance, Team-Tuning, Social Styles, MBTI)

How to get the best out of yourself (1:1 Coaching to help you create the career and life you want to live and solve the issues that are preventing you getting there.)

Our experience has led us to deliver training and coaching throughout the world.

As a team, we come from a variety of walks of life.  Some of us have a background in Education, some in Health, some from the Business sector.  All of us have worked in all sectors.  We are a team because we love working with each other.

Our Unique Delivery

  • Working at Different Levels: Video 1

    Take a look at the first of two stop-motion videos that give a light-hearted insight into our unique delivery.

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  • Working at Different Levels: Video 2

    Here's the second of two stop-motion videos that give an insight into our unique delivery.

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  • Crucial Conversations Video

    Working with the John Warner School:  Interview with Jeremy Scott, Deputy Headteacher about some Crucial Conversations training.

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