Our Work Examples

Almost all of our training workshops have a bespoke nature to them.  Almost always there is no extra cost to you for this.  It’s part of what we value in working with you.  Below we’ve included some examples from some of the workshops that are more frequently requested, with examples of flipcharts that have also been created to support participants’ learning.

  • Crucial Conversations: An Advanced Communications Skills Workshop Download

    A key factor in a school’s success is the ability of its staff to forge strong working relationships with colleagues, senior management, parents and other professionals.  This is a 1-day workshop learning how to have greater success in discussions & meetings when in difficult & stressful circumstances.

  • Professional Presentation Skills for all Staff linked to Schools Download

    The ability to present ideas clearly to staff, parents and governors is often vital to success.  It is not just about what you have to say, but just as importantly about your ability to actually get that message across convincingly.  This workshop enables participants to quickly learn the ‘tools of the trade’ of professional presenters...

  • Presence, Engagement and Authority for NQTs Download

    A 1 day per term programme specifically designed for Newly Qualified Teachers in Primary or Secondary Schools to help them develop their confidence and skills in the classroom and beyond with parents and other staff.  Each day is dynamic, practical, non-judgemental and flexible to meet participants’ developing needs, each time building on p...

  • Team Tuning for High Performance Download

    In an environment of frequent, if not constant change, high performing schools recognise that best performance arises from investing time in developing effective teams alongside individuals. Working as a team requires a big commitment and there are likely to be changes and difficulties as people work together to achieve successful outcomes. For...