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We are very serious about our work and you’ll quickly notice that we smile and laugh a lot.  This is because we really enjoy our work and the interactions with our participants.  Having fun is one of our core values - seriously.  We consider ourselves enter-trainers and cheerful coaches – it’s important to us and an important part of how we help people to make changes in their lives. Our work can be considered by examining what’s important to us at a number of different levels.

Who do we work with?  We are passionate about education and we have extensive experience in the Education Sector, Health Service and have worked with many blue-chip companies.  We work with anyone who wants to work with us and we want to work with.

If we work with you or your organisation you will quickly notice that our sole focus is in helping you achieving excellence.  It’s a bit of an obsession.  We do see the lighter side of life and yet we don’t tell jokes (most of us can’t remember the punchlines).  You won’t get Death by PowerPoint.  In fact you won’t get PowerPoint (unless we’re sharing with you some top tips on getting the best out of PowerPoint).  You will get Flipcharts.  Yes, lots of colourful flipcharts, produced by us with your inputs and ours …and the occasional cartoons too!  (They make most people smile …but it’s not obligatory).

Perhaps you are visiting our site because somebody recommended you to check us out.  If so, what did they say about us?  If you landed here by chance or curiosity, why not check out what people have said about us?  Perhaps it’s worth a look to see if what they say links closely to what you’re wanting for yourself or your team.

We are skilled at helping people to be comfortably uncomfortable.  Really, it’s true.  We know that people’s capabilities develop most when they are stretching outside of their comfort zone …in a comfortable way!  We take calculated risks too, based on years of experience.  The people that we work with appreciate our risk-taking as it helps them to safely confront blocks to their development and take risks to help them eliminate the blocks.  You’ll appreciate that achieving excellence involves making changes and these typically require taking a risk or two.

Of course, we don’t all have exactly the same skillset …variety is the spice of life.  However, all of us have expertise in the field of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).  If you haven’t come across this before, just think of it as a branch of psychology that can be particularly helpful in helping people to achieve excellence.

Our experience is evidenced by our wisdom, by what we do and our laughter lines.

These are some of the ones that are important to us in helping you to achieve excellence.

We believe that you can change – if we were to meet you, we would be curious as to what you might want to change.
We believe that you can influence change in others – what changes do you want to influence in others?
We believe that we make a difference by helping people to recover and/or discover choice.
We believe that learning best occurs in a light, easy, fun environment so we play at work and work really hard at playing.
We believe that the way you feel affects everything that you think and do.
We believe that you should feel good about yourself and others.
We believe that our starting point should always be one of respect for others.
We believe in providing high value and high value for money.

These are some of our core values.  They’re not just words.  We try to live them every day.

We are on this planet to help people to transform lives – their own lives, others’ lives, and we recognise that our work is helping transform our lives too.
We embrace the pursuit of excellence for the benefit of others and ourselves.
We strive to help people to increase their well-being by enabling them to change for the better what they want to change.
We make every effort to being inspirational, passionate and caring.
We wish to connect with others and enable change at the ‘deeper’ levels of Purpose, Identity, Values and Beliefs.
Integrity and Positive Intent are core to us being true to ourselves.  Our desire is to always act as role-models (…no pressure there then).
We highly value ‘Being in the Moment’ and ‘Going with the Flow’.  This means that our training workshops are frequently valued because of their natural flow and responsiveness to our participants’ needs.
We’ve already mentioned that we like to have fun with participants and we strongly believe that this aids learning along with us being light and easy.


To foster transformational growth in everyone we associate with.  It’s a short sentence that took us a long time to formulate and will take us a lifetime to realise.

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