What others say

A little bit about us from others.  We hope that what others say about us will give you even more of an insight into what it might be like working with us.  It’s really only a small sample and should you want more we can give you more.  Would you like to be having similar experiences in your trainings or coaching?

  • Chris McCloskey - Training Workshops

    The Crucial Conversations training is now an established and integral aspect to our new staff induction programme. Chris’s outstanding resources and highly engaging delivery have had a massive impact on our staff’s ability to reflect, be assertive and ultimately perform effectively on both a personal and professional level. Our teachers leave the sessions as independent, confident and resourceful practitioners, and we see the results in their day to day practice. This training is changing the parameters of NQT induction and challenging traditional and often outdated induction programmes. Highly recommended!

  • Chris McCloskey - Coaching

    The coaching session was excellent. Chris allowed to me to explore and overcome hurdles that would have been very difficult for me to address on my own. His approach was very open and it created the opportunity for a very high level of personal development, not addressing mere surface concerns but resolving underlying causes to what was inhibiting or preventing me from making progress in certain areas. In short, a very positive experience which to my surprise addressed matters of concern in a highly effective manner. Empowering and positively constructive. I don't know what else to say, in my opinion it is one of the best CPD experiences I have ever had - it was tailored to my needs and the impact has been very significant and very positive.

  • Ian Palmer

    I found the experience exceptionally worthwhile. It was the first time in nearly 15 years of teaching where I was able to focus on my future for a substantial amount of time in an entirely non-agenda driven environment. It helped me to clarify a number of different issues and gave me lots more to ponder in the coming weeks. One of the most valuable CPD times of my career. I appreciate Ian’s encouragement to email him re progress too.

  • Will Lakeman

    As a trainer, Will is excellent and ranks amongst the best I have encountered. He prepares the programme in detail but he remains very flexible, having the ability to change the content to fit the delegates needs but still bearing the overall goals in mind. Will develops rapport very quickly, the audience warm to his style and because of this he encourages everyone to contribute. His style is very up-beat and facilitative, he keeps the programme moving at a good pace but not too fast as to lose his audience. Because of his positive outlook he has the skill to be able to challenge delegates in a searching way without being threatening, enabling delegates to focus on finding their own solutions rather than focusing on the problem.