Our Resources

Achieve Excellence provide lots of support to assist integrating learning that has occurred on workshops and during coaching sessions.

A PDF of all Flipcharts created during learning is always made available for download to reinforce the learning experiences.  These are accessible through the Our Resources page and every workshop or coaching session gets a unique access login to ensure confidentiality.

We create Bespoke Manuals for most workshops and provide handy credit-card size Tips Cards that are great to carry around in your wallet or purse for little reminders about key skills.

We also frequently do Postcard Reviews at the end of a workshop.  Each participant writes on a postcard the actions that they plan to take as a consequence of the workshop, pop it in an envelope, address it to themselves, and then we post it back to them 4-6 weeks later!  Another great reminder to reinforce the learning!

Everyone gets the offer of Telephone or Email Support to assist in the learning of the concepts and skills covered during the training or coaching received.